The Frying Pan Podcast

The Frying Pan #5: Transportation

IMG_5642Join Rowan and Louis this week as they take a ride on their locales’ most popular forms of transportation. For Rowan that’s a motorbike and for Louis it seems to be a donkey cart.

You can also check out Rowan’s post on Jakarta’s horrendous traffic here.



The Frying Pan #4: Bureaucracy

IMG_5498Rowan and Louis dive into the byzantine and busted bureacracies of Indonesia and Spain. It turns out joking about bureaucracy is a lot more entertaining than the actual thing.

Rowan also wrote a piece a while back on the remnants of Dutch colonial bureaucracy in Indonesia. You can check it out here.

The Frying Pan #3: Drinking

Rowan and Louis get together to discuss the age old nectar of the gods (booze) in their respective lands.

The Frying Pan #2: Holidays

IMG_5516In The Frying Pan #2, Louis and Rowan dive into a few holidays and festivals held in their respective locales, their meanings, traditions, and the amount of alcohol involved (or lack thereof).

The Frying Pan #1: Introduction

hemingway-kicksMeet Louis and Rowan (again), formerly of The Volterra Podcast, who have restarted and revamped their project with a focus on their lives as expatriates in hot countries. In this, the inaugural Frying Pan, find out where the podcast’s name comes from, where Louis and Rowan are living and why they are there.

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