Hello, I’ve caved and started a blog.

I’ve partially convinced myself that this is a good idea or at the very least a sort of necessity. Somewhere between taking my writing more seriously – as in getting paid for it – and my on-going failures in self-discipline, the thought of a regularly updated blog (a word I’m still struggling with) settled itself as some sort of thing that should be done. So here it goes: Semawang Stories.

First, the name. It’s pretty simple. Bali (which is in Indonesia), where I’m currently living, is divided into neighborhoods that are called Banjars that have varying levels of significance[i] and the one I’m living in is called Semawang. I had a few other ideas for names and some of those may pop up as titles of future post or they may just fall into The Abyss. Semawang Stories is vague enough and more or less captures the theme of this blog.

If you’ve followed me before you’ll know about The Volterra which will soon be coming off of its unplanned hiatus, not coincidentally through updates to Semawang Stories. A link to each Sem. Story will be posted to The Volterra and I/we will start accepting contributions again as of, well, now.

I’ve given myself an arbitrary 500-word limit for Sem. Stories that will probably be broken regularly but who gives a shit. It’s my site. Expect regular updates of varying lengths and on varying topics as well as links to other stuff I’ll write about the often absurd and increasingly enchanting country that is Indonesia.

Merdeka atau mati.


[i] For example: religion, politics, geography, social activities all find a home in the Banjar. I’m still learning about this so I’m not going to commit myself to a deeper explanation than that for the moment.


2 responses to “Hello, I’ve caved and started a blog.

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  2. So, let’s have a story! Or two, three, or more! looking forward to insights from Semawang or Sanur or someplace…..


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